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zaprasza na drugi z trzech wykładów z serii „Kontrowersyjne wymiary literatury dla dzieci”

Prof. Anna Czabanowska-Wróbel
The Children’s Literature Scholar as a Two-Headed Creature
(Lofting and Damrosch)

Wykład rozpocznie się 14 października 2020 o godz. 18.00 na platformie MS Teams. Osoby, które zarejestrowały się na pierwszy wykład, który odbył się 23 września, mogą po prostu dołączyć do kolejnego wykładu na Teams. Pozostałe osoby zainteresowane wzięciem udziału w wykładzie prosimy o kontakt mailowy do 13 października na adres: barbara.kalla@uwr.edu.pl


This lecture presents the main contradictions in academic research on children’s literature. These have presently been brought to the fore in the conflict between the local and particular on the one hand, and the general and widespread on the other, as well as the tension between world and global literature accentuated by literary scholars. This translates into an opposition between the standpoint of the researcher as an interpreter of single exceptional works, and her role to isolate tendencies in the world literary market. This lecture’s main thesis was inspired by the definitions developed by David Damrosch in the conclusion of his What is World Literature? (2003), titled “World Enough and Time.” One of Damrosch’s metaphors comes directly from Lofting’s famed series of books about Doctor Dolittle and his animals. The fantastical two-headed creature, a cross between the gazelle and the unicorn, symbolizes a striving in two directions at once, and might serve as a figure for the scholar of children’s literature, faced with contradictions that compel her to achieve the impossible: to reconcile the micro and macro scale in her work, and to classify and evaluate at the same time. The lecture closes by positing a mode of interpretation from a multicultural perspective, and encouraging the development self-critical meta-reflections on how we approach an ever-changing research subject.

Anna Czabanowska-Wróbel is a researcher of Modernist literature, contemporary poetry and children’s literature; titular professor at the Faculty of Polish Studies, Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland. She is a founder and head of the Childern’s and Youth Literature Research Centre at the Faculty of Polish Studies (UJ, since 2014). Editor and co-editor of numerous books, including a series devoted to imagination in children’s literature. The last volume of the series: The Elements in Children's literature. Earth was co-edited with Krystyna Zabawa (Kraków, 2019). She is an author of many monographs: Fairytale in Young Poland’s Literature (1996), The Child. A Symbol and Anthropological Question in the Literature of Young Poland (2003), A Search for Radiance. On the Poetry of Adam Zagajewski (2005), The Goldsmith and the Singer. Poetry of Leopold Staff and Bolesław Leśmian within Modernism (2009), Contradictory elements: The Young Poland and its surroundings (2013), The Utopia of Repetition. Repetition, Subjectiveness and Memory in Modernist Literature (2019).

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