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Romanica Wratislaviensia (annual, since 1968; ISSN: 0557-2665) publishes papers by Polish and foreign researchers in literature, culture and languages of the Romance countries (also in a transdisciplinary, comparative and translation studies approach). The articles are usually published in French, but also in Spanish, Italian and Polish.

The journal is published both in paper and on-line versions ( From No. 63, all articles and reviews are assigned DOI numbers.


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The review presents recent and original contributions of the Wratislavian Romanists and their colleagues from other Polish or foreign universities. The published papers present theoretical propositions, critical studies in literature history and civilization of France or French-speaking countries, studies in French linguistics or French, Spanish, Italian and Polish comparative linguistics, or comparative literature and translation studies.

The journal’s issues are thematic, and their editors are selected among specialists in the field of the selected topics. The themes are always presented according to different points of view and approaches. Apart from the articles in the main section, each issue also contains a section of Varia which collects miscellaneous works, and a Comptes rendus section which presents reviews of recent works in the field of Romance Studies or related fields.

The articles are selected in two steps: first, after consulting the Scientific Committee of the journal, the editorial team (Editorial Committee and the editor of the issue) makes a preliminary selection among the submitted article abstracts and invites the authors of the qualified abstracts to submit their articles; then all submitted articles are sent to two or three independent reviewers (double-blind review process). The final decision to accept texts positively evaluated in the review process is made by the editorial team after consulting the Scientific Committee.

Submitted reviews are always evaluated by the Editorial Team (editor of volume ans Editorial Committee) before being published.







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Latest issue:

Romanica Wratislaviensia 65, 2018, De la philologie romane aux études françaises – évolution ou rupture?, edited by Elżbieta Skibińska.

Under preparation:

Romanica Wratislaviensia 66, 2019, Post-sécularité : nouvelles perspectives, edited by Tomasz Szymański.

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