Publishing procedures

Publishing procedures

All scientific articles submitted to Italica Wratislaviensia for publication are subject to review. All reviews submitted for publication are subject to the assessment of the Editorial Team, i.e. the editor of a given issue acting in consultation with the Editorial Board.

The Editorial Team makes a selection among the submitted proposals (abstracts) on the basis of their scientific and editorial level as well as the topic’s compatibility with the theme of the issue. 

The Authors of the accepted proposals shall submit manuscripts prepared in accordance with the detailed guidelines provided on this site and within the time limit indicated by the Editorial Team.

The Authors of the submitted manuscripts may receive from the Editorial Team formal recommendations or substantive guidelines before the texts are sent for review. 

The manuscripts accepted by the Editorial Team are addressed to two independent Reviewers (from Polish or foreign academic centres) who are not connected with the Author's place of work. Whenever possible, the review process is double blind.

The Reviewer's assessment concerns: importance of the topic, innovativeness of the approach to the topic, manner of formulating the subject matter, suitability of the title, extent to which the objective has been achieved, methodology and sources, clarity of the argument and linguistic correctness.

The review shall be fair, objective, impartial, well founded and result in an unambiguous recommendation that the evaluated manuscript should be either accepted for publication (with or without corrections) or rejected. In the case of clearly divergent assessments, the manuscript is addressed to a third Reviewer.

The Reviewers should report to the Editorial Board any potential conflict of interest, as well as a suspicion of unacknowledged use or incorporation of the work of other researchers in the evaluated manuscript. The Reviewers shall maintain confidentiality with regard to the assessment process, the content of the work being evaluated and the assessment.

Anonymized ratings and comments of the Reviewers are provided to the Authors who are bound to make necessary changes or respond to Reviewers' comments within the indicated time limit.

The final decision on publishing the text in the journal lies with the Editor-in-chief.

The list of Reviewers is published in each issue of the journal but with no indication of the evaluated contributions.

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