Publishing ethics

Publishing ethics


Duties of Editors

Editorial board of Romanica Wratislaviensia is monitoring the ethical standards of scientific publications and takes all possible measures against any publication malpractices.

Submitted manuscripts are evaluated only for their intellectual content. The decision to accept or reject a paper for publication is based on its importance, originality, clarity, and its relevance to the scope of the journal.

All materials submitted to the journal remain confidential while under review. Information about a submitted manuscript must not be disclosed to anyone other than the authors, reviewers, potential reviewers, other editorial advisers, and the publisher.

The editorial board of Romanica Wratislaviensia will inform relevant parties of all forms of scientific misconduct, especially any breaches of ethics applicable to science.


Duties of Authors

By submitting a paper to Romanica Wratislaviensia, Authors affirm that:

- the submitted manuscript has been prepared in accordance with the principles of academic integrity,

- the authors own the rights to this manuscript,

- the manuscript is free of legal defects,

- the manuscript was not published previously, in whole or in part, has not been submitted to another journal, and is not being considered for publication in any other form.


Duties of Reviewers

By accepting to evaluate a paper, Reviewers commit themselves to contribute to the editorial decision by providing  a  reliable, objective, impartial and properly justified evaluation of the assessed work; to respect punctuality; to keep the peer-review procedure confidential, to comply with standards of objectivity, to disclose any conflicts of interest



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