Our Institute

prof. dr hab. Beata Baczyńska
Director of the Institute of Romance Studies

Welcome to the Institute of Romance Studies of the University of Wrocław, where the students not only learn to use French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian in everyday and business life, but where we also show how to discover the richness of traditions and understand the contemporary societies of the romance-speaking countries in Europe, Africa, South and North-America.


Our newly restored and well-equipped building, located in the very cenre of Wrocław, offers optimal conditions for studying. We teach with a modern approach, preparing our students for an active creating of their path, basing on language skills, humanistic knowledge and cognitive passion.


The assets of our team are its versatility and a multicultural atmosphere of kindness, where French rationalism meets Spanish openness to conquer the new worlds, sophisticated Italian sense of beauty meets the nostalgic note of the Portuguese fado.


There are among us translators and researchers in translation studies, people recognized in Poland and abroad for scientific achievements important for contemporary humanities, experienced university teachers, lecturers for whom French, Spanish or Italian is their mother tongue, young researchers in linguistics, literature and the culture of romance-speaking countries who with full engagement share their knowledge and skills with students open to new professional, intellectual and artistic challenges.



Instytut Filologii Romańskiej
pl. Bp. Nankiera 4,50-140 Wrocław

mail: ifr@uwr.edu.pl
tel. 71 375 24 33 (sekretariat)
tel. 71 375 26 15 (portiernia)