Welcome to the part of the website dedicated to foreign students planning to come to Wrocław for their Erasmus+ scholarship and looking for courses in the area of French, Spanish or Italian Studies.

If you are planning your Erasmus+ courses in our Institute, please contact our coordinators:
dr Jadwiga Cook ( for all matters relating to French philology ;
dr Daniel Słapek ( for all matters relating to Italian philology ;
dr Justyna Wesoła ( for all matters relating to Spanish philology.

You can also check available courses in the Directory of the USOS system : using the following codes: 21-FL-F for French Philology courses, 21-FL-H for Spanish Philology courses and 21-FL-ITA for Italian Philology courses. The names of the courses are available in English, the descriptions are in Polish (French / Spanish or Italian versions, depeding on the language of the given course, are on their way). You will also find there the number of ECTS points that the courses are worth.

The timetable (and a little dictionary to help you with the Polish names of the courses)  is to be found in the Timetable tab on the right.

Consultation hours for all professors and lecturers are given in their profiles in the USOS system (you can search for the profiles here:

Please regularly check the tab with cancelled classes ("odwołane zajęcia") on the Institute homepage.

The procedure of getting your Transcript of Records at the end of your scholarship, applicable to all the Erasmus students at the Faculty of Philology, is described here:

For specific information, including the procedure of enlisting for the chosen courses, please consult the tabs below:
Franch Philology
Spanish Philology
Italian Philology


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