For the Authors





Files saved in .rtf (Microsoft Word) format should be sent to the following address:

Authors are asked to check whether the text meets the following criteria.

Texts that do not comply with the editorial requirements may be rejected.


Language of the article: Italian

Article volume: between 25 000 and 40 000 characters, counted with spaces (with footnotes, abstract, bibliography and keywords)

Format: Times New Roman 12 pt font, standard page layout, margins 2,5 cm, line 1,5, indentation paragraph: 0,75 cm

Footnotes and longer quotations: Times New Roman, 10


Information is required on possible sources of funding for publications (e.g. grant number and name of awarding body) and on contributions from research institutions (unambiguous affiliation).

In order to avoid ghostwriting and guest authorship, authors of multi-copyright texts are asked to indicate the contribution of individual authors to the creation of the publication (including names, surnames and affiliations and the authorship of the concepts, assumptions and methods used to prepare the publication); the responsibility for placing information about the entities that contributed to the creation of the work lies with the author submitting the manuscript, and in the case of a collective application - the author listed first.


Structure of the paper:

  1. Author's name, Affiliation
  2. Author's business e-mail address
  3. Title of the Article
  4. Title of the article in English
  5. Abstract in English (250-300 words and containing information on objective, method, results and conclusions)
  6. Keywords in English (5)
  7. Text
  8. List of bibliographic abbreviations used (if applicable)
  9. Bibliography
  10. Abstract in Italian (250-300 words and containing information on the purpose, method, results and conclusions)
  11. Key words in Italian (5)
  12. Note on the author in Italian (approx. 10 lines)
  13. Correspondence address and telephone number of the Author (for the Editor's information).


Note: The text of the article, the abstracts, the titles and the note about the author should be checked by native speakers.

Taking into account good editorial practices and international editorial standards, we ask the Authors to make bibliographic entries in accordance with the requirements of the APA6. Detailed information on the APA editorial standard is available at the following address:



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