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The articles are selected in two steps: first, after consulting the Scientific Committee of the journal, the editorial team (Editorial Committee and the editor of the issue) makes a preliminary selection among the submitted article abstracts and invites the authors of the qualified abstracts to submit their articles; then all submitted articles are sent to two or three independent reviewers (double-blind review process). The final decision to accept texts positively evaluated in the review process is made by the editorial team after consulting the Scientific Committee.

Submitted reviews are always evaluated by the Editorial Team (editor of volume ans Editorial Committee) before being published.

By submitting a manuscript to Romanica Wratislaviensia, the authors attest and affirm that:

- the submitted manuscript has been prepared in accordance with the principles of academic integrity,

- the authors own the rights to this manuscript,

- the manuscript is free of legal defects,

- the manuscript was not published previously, in whole or in part, has not been submitted to another journal, and is not being considered for publication in any other form.

The submission of the manuscript is also tantamount to granting free consent for its publication in Romanica Wratislaviensia and its unlimited distribution, with regard to time and territory, including, but not limited to, restricted distribution of printed copies of the journal and open-access distribution of its current and archival volumes via the Internet.

The authors are requested to provide information concerning the financing sources of the manuscript’s publication (e.g. the number of the grant and the name of the institution providing the grant) and indicate the contribution of scholarly research institutions to its preparation (by unambiguously specifying the author’s/authors’ professional affiliation).

In order to avoid ghostwriting and guest authorship, the authors of multi-author texts are requested to specify the contribution of each author in the publication (by providing pertinent names, surnames and affiliations, and by indicating the authorship of the ideas, hypotheses, and methods used in the manuscript). The responsibility for providing information about the contributors to the text is borne by the author submitting the manuscript, and in the case of a collective submission, by the author mentioned in the first place.

The editorial board of Romanica Wratislaviensia will inform relevant parties of all forms of scientific misconduct, especially any breaches of ethics applicable to science.





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